Native Americans Hardships

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Throughout history Native Americans have experienced hardships, Native Americans have been run over for resources and treated unfairly. Over the years Native Americans have always been considered to be at a disadvantage when dealing with the Europeans due to their lack of communication and education. The Native Americans need to be given back if not all some of the land that they owned. Native Americans discovered and obtained their own lands. The Native Americans developed a culture and home for themselves as it was their right to considering that they were on the land first. The Native Americans grew with this land and made it their own incorporating their traditions and lifestyle into this property where many generations would come after enjoying this land as much as they do. When the colonist came over to the “new world” claiming to have discovered it they felt this was because from what they saw they felt as though the Natives were not using this land for everything that it was worth. Neglecting the fact that the Natives cultures and their cultures were very different they decided to force themselves upon them and take over. This sort of treatment was “unfair” or “unreasonable” because the Native American were there first. When more of the Colonist started to migrate to this “New world” they brought over things that were helpful such as horses, along with the good things colonist brought over they also brought diseases. In a way the colonist was the cause of

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