Natural Childbirth is Superior to Drug Induced Childbirth Essay

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I remember when my water bag broke; it was August 12, 1992, and the time was 12:15am.I was very excited that I would see my new baby on her due date. I did what the child birthing book recommended. I woke my husband up and told him to call the hospital. In the meantime I decided to take a shower. I was pretty calm because I didn't have any contractions. I wore my best maternity outfit and was spruced up compared to my husband. I even put on some perfume. You see, we had just gone to bed at 11:30 that night. My husband looked a little worse for wear. We got to the hospital and then were led into the maternity room. The room looked a little dingy with its yellow light and peeling paint. The hospital bed was small and narrow. I got scared, …show more content…

I recall tugging at my nether lands, and a swoop of hands into my womb. The doctors got the baby and she let out a cry that sounded triumphant. They showed me the baby and it seemed like they whisked her away too quickly. There is a fog around the edges of that memory. The doctors said that my baby was doing fine. My body started to shake and wouldn't stop. I was wheeled into recovery and then all was dark. I didn't bond with my baby until the next morning- seven hours later. She was beautiful but I felt very unfulfilled.

Four years later, I got pregnant. I was nervous, scared and anxious. The doctor I saw said that I could have a VBAC(vaginal birth after c-section). I raided the library and read books on that subject. It was then I found out that the United States had the highest incidence of C-sections in the world. Research shows that epidurals increase the use of other interventions that themselves carry risks. These interventions include electronic fetal monitoring (which has shown to increase the likelihood of a cesarean without improving outcome), I. V oxytocin, and instrumental delivery. Epidurals also deprive women of a sense of mastery over labor. Goer, Henci. "Epidurals Myth Vs Reality." Childbirth Instructor Magazine Winter 1995: 17-22

I prepared myself mentally, physically and spiritually for the birth of my second child. I decided to become a better consumer by educating myself with all the child birthing techniques that were

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