Natural Disaster Effects

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Houses are destroyed, trees are pulled out from the ground, and the many lives that are

lost are all effects from the aftermath of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and

even wildfires. Since the beginning of 2017, all of these events have been occurring more

frequently around the world including the united states, but after these disasters happen in

what seems like a speed of light, what happens after? One minute a person is at their job, the

next moving their lives to a different city because their homes and belongings have been

destroyed. The effects of these disasters are a much bigger scale than people may believe.

Physical damage is just one of the many effects of natural disasters. Health risks such as
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After hurricane Katrina in 2005

researchers from Tulane University School of Public Health developed a study to show the

increase of the virus before and after the flooding. "The scale of hurricane damage, especially

to residences, may have contributed to increases in WNND" ( Their study

showed not only was the virus increasing because of the hurricane but also the humans

spreading after they have been bitten by the mosquitos. Cholera and West Nile are just a few

health risks that come with natural disasters.

Natural disasters impact communities in so many different ways, one of the hardest

situations to deal with is when a person from that community; family, friend, a co-worker, or

just someone you see on a daily basis dies. In 2011 there were confirmed to 1,704 tornadoes

through the United States, houses destroyed communities left is distraught and hundreds dead.

April 27, 2011, was a horrific day in history for the state of Alabama and the cities throughout.

three-hundred and twenty-seven tornados were confirmed to have struck on that day including

the city of Tuscaloosa having an EF-4 tornado striking through the city and tearing through the

city of Birmingham. This tornado was 1.5 miles long going storming through 190 mph, By the

time the tornado lifted it had left behind a path of destruction of 80.7 miles. This "Super

Outbreak" killed
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