Natural Features Of The Earth

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Earth, a massive rock with a copious amount of minerals and elements, consist of many natural features that benefit our structure of life. The Earth has limited resources because it is a closed system, meaning it must operate under the standard conditions in which it was given to us and many generations to come. The ecosystem consists of biotic and abiotic interactions that work together to provide us with many natural resources. New resources cannot be created but only withdrawn from the ecosystems that occupy it. Barry Commoner, a biologist and leading ecologist, ruled four major laws of ecology, first that everything is connected to something else in some way. Second, everything must go somewhere. Third, nature knows best. Lastly,…show more content…
Current outputs, which refer to any natural resources taken out of the ecosystem, are outweighing the inputs. This is causing an ecological imbalance. The human population rate steadily increased for a couple hundred years until the industrial revolution in 1850, during which an exponential increase in birth/death ratio is observed. There was an equal amount of births in the two hundred years prior to 1850 and the fifty years leading to the next century (pg.17). Industrialization catalyzed this population growth and established the marketplace within American culture. With demand exponentially increasing, the resulting issue was the supply of irreplaceable natural core resources. Garrett Hardin, an American ecologist, was extraordinarily distressed over the global harm being caused by this rapid population growth and the system in place. Hardin is worried about the rate at which these are destroying the environment. He ties together many argumentative reasons of how the population growth and system imposed are causing great environmental harm, which are causing a tragedy to our commons, and also benchmarks to fix it. Tragedy of the commons is the overall foundation of the input and output system. With population clearly growing at a uncountable rate, the outputs impacting the environment are equally growing. Tragedy is referred specifically to the overuse of an item. The overuse of water now will have drastic

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