Natural Gases And Its Effects On The World Essay

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The world has seen a drastic reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, the benefits of the transition from burning coals to using natural gases. The consequences however, are seemingly becoming more damaging than experts thought. Natural gases are primarily composed of methane gas (CH4), gases which are 35 times the potency of carbon dioxide and traps much more heat radiation. The United States alone is responsible for 30% to 60% of global growth in human-caused methane emissions in the past 14 years (Magill 2016). During the process of extraction and transportation of natural gases, is where the problem resides. Methane leakage occurs from processing plants and storage facilities becoming a major concern for the environment. The big question is, how much methane actually escapes into the atmosphere and what are the challenges humans face trying to prevent further leakages.
One of the biggest challenge is to identify the impact and damage that fugitive methane has and will do to the world. In a recent incident that happened at Aliso Canyon, California, there was a gas leakage that took place over a four month period that was only plugged. The incident is estimated to have “spewed enough methane into the atmosphere to equal the greenhouse gases emitted by more than 440,000 cars in a year” (Magill 2016, 1). However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that more than six million metric tons of methane are have leaked in 2011. Meaning, the combination of

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