Natural Science Mini Literature Review

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Natural Sciences Mini-Literature Review
Global Warming.
Global warming is observed as a steady upsurge in the general temperature of the earth 's atmospheric setting, which is mainly attributed to the greenhouse consequences due to amplified intensities of various air contaminants such as the carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons. Being one of the deadliest menace, currently confronting the word, experts have resolved that massive and uncontrolled production of these greenhouse gasses has contributed greatly to the heating effect on the atmosphere, which has shown to be unsafe and hazardous, not only to the human beings but also to all other living creatures. This paper seeks to explore research on what role does human …show more content…

The most anticipated effects of a hotter climate are perceived to be the alteration of the local weather configurations and patterns. Additionally, this would have reflective consequences on the agricultural production in the current universe that is certainly unable to sufficiently provide for its dwellers. Social conflict as a result of irregular redistribution of resources would be inevitable. The constant and uncontrolled generation of greenhouse gasses will have bitter consequences far worse than producing a marginally milder climate (Spencer, Roy, 2012).
What role does human activity play in the current global warming trend?
Human beings, generally have a massive bearing on the environmental platform in several ways. The main effects include the diminishing of the water quality, amplification of the greenhouse gas emissions, exhaustion of natural resources and also influence to the general global climatic variations. Reflecting on the water and aquatic systems, humans have exhausted the nutrients such as the nitrogen and phosphorous which are very much critical to the vigor and existence of the aquatic living creature (Smith, Philip and Nicolas Howe). Consequently, human beings contribute in the introduction of large quantities of these constituents, mainly through fertilizers. Too much of anything is poisonous, and for this very factor, water quality is eventually depleted leading to overgrowth of particular microorganisms that exhaustion of oxygen

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