Natural Selection Misinterpretation Paper

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In topic 1, the introduction to human uniqueness and social coercion theory, we are introduced to some of the common misinterpretation behind Charles’ Darwin’s theory of evolution, specifically in regards to natural selection and survival of the fittest. One of the biggest contributors to this issue is the lack of exposure to the general public on the overall theory behind these two processes. Instead of a full detailed explanation about natural selection and survival of the fittest, we are just told that it is slow and that to be fit means a level of superiority among competition, respectively. Topic 1 revealed that this is not true, as well as stating that natural selection is about individual risk, benefit and cost is of the utmost importance(Bingham). Based on this newly found insight from the course, how does individual risk, benefit, and cost play such an important role in natural selection even though selection is seen in a population and not a …show more content…

As a student, I built a parameter that caused me to believe that an equation or a theory had a set goal to achieve and must provide a push in order to reach it. Natural selection completely breaks this barrier due to its passive and ubiquitous nature (True 2016). Natural selection does not evoke any force on any species to evolve nor does it create genetic variation. The individual, through mutations, risks, and understanding the benefit allow for the process of natural selection to work. At first, I also questioned how could an individual’s action have anything to do with natural selection. I learned that an individual’s gene does not change, therefore an individual can not adapt (True 2016). Although this is true, if a deeper look is taken into the world and some of the ways evolution occurs, the individual is of the utmost importance in causing natural

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