Naturally Social Identity

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Naturally Social
Humans, by nature are social creatures. A human's ability to be able to live effectively together and communicate with language is what differentiates humans from other species. When humans interact with each other it gives them a sense of comfort, unity and belonging. Through the connection everyone has with one another humans also feel a sense of purpose and meaning in their daily lives. Families, friends and partners are all considered important individuals to most humans. Close relationships with others would be acknowledged as a valuable component in a human’s life. These relationships are nurtured, given attention and taken care off carefully to ensure the relationship remains healthy. More specifically a relationship is given love, care and both individuals must trust one another in order to develop and build a strong and lasting relationship. In the image taken by Garry Winogrand, a simple image displays a greater meaning when analyzed. The photo carries out an important and clear message about humans and their ability to connect and interact with each other, and how it is essential to humans. Each component of the image has a distinct and important meaning. The image’s message is depicted when the location, the specific contents of the image and the year in which the photo was taken is thoroughly examined. Relationships are a vital necessity in a human’s life because it greater increases efficient cooperation with each other, their emotional

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