Nature And Nurture: A Psychological Analysis

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Abnormal Psychology Nature and Nurture
Abnormalities are considered the opposite of what is considered the norm amongst society. When it comes to defining the word “abnormality”, it can be quite difficult to find a fixed definition. The Statistical Infrequency Model describes abnormality as a deviation from the norm ( Psychological disorders are a prime example of a deviation from the normal mentality or functioning of the brain. With that being said, the primary focus of this essay is around psychological disorders. This essay will focus on two psychological disorders, eating disorders and schizophrenia, and how these psychological disorders are influenced and impacted by heredity and environmental factors.
According to statistical infrequency, “a person’s trait, thinking or behaviour is classified as abnormal if it is rare or statistically unusual” (McLeod, 2014). However, when using this particular method to identify abnormalities, it is of utmost important that the behavioural examination aspect of the assessment is thorough and in-depth. Statistical infrequency is a reasonably fast way of analysing an abnormality; …show more content…

This theory relates to eating disorders because as mentioned before, the media portrays thin looking models and well defined men on the covers of magazine, catwalk television etc. Individuals who suffer from eating disorders will never believe they are thin enough and this results in a vicious negative feedback cycle. Eating disorders can be overcome and issues such as this can be tackled as a community. For example, the media is the problem and you cannot get rid of media but you can however change it (Bandura and ura, 1977). I believe the media should portray individuals with realistic and healthy body images rather than brainwashing young men and women into trying to attain unhealthy body

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