Nature Of Love In The Beginners By Raymond Carver

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In “The Beginners” by Raymond Carver, the theme of the story is Nature of Love. The author provides a different insight of what love is and what love can be. The author creates four different couples to explain their perspectives on what love is and how love can be shown. In this way, it shows that love cannot be absolute. It is through these relationships, where they support the theme of Nature of Love by their behavior towards their significant other.

The first relationship that Carver introduces is Terri and Carl. In a conversation with friends, Terri describes her relationship with Carl as being unhealthy and abusive. Not only is he abusive with Terri, but also with himself by shortly committing suicide after they broke up. In this conversation, Terri defends Carl’s love for her despite his behavior towards her. For instance,“It was love,’ Terri said. ‘Sure it was abnormal in most people’s eyes, but he was willing to die for it. He did die for it’ (Carver, 4).” Although some individuals would not consider this to be love, Terri fought others to prove that Carl did indeed love her. The author shows the theme Nature of Love in Terri and Carl’s relationship by fighting for something that she believed was true about love. As a result, this defined Terri and Carl’s idea of how they show love to each other.

The next relationship that Carver introduces is Terri and Herb. Surrounded at a table with another couple, they all discuss what love is and they soon find out that Herb

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