Nature Of War: The Nature And Nature Of War

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In the time period of last ten years, many changes have been observed in the nature of Warfare from being aggressive towards more argumentative. There are various views and debates among the nature and character of the wars and the debate continues to grow with time. The several reasons of changes can be attributed to the technological advances and other situational changes. This essay is going to shed light upon whether the nature and character of war has been changed in the course of recent years or it continues to be the same as it was years ago.
There are numerous studies that say that the nature and character of war are quite similar to one another and can be even used synonymously. However, according to some writers, there …show more content…

By nature the war is considered to be political, fundamentally interactive and most importantly something exceptionally violent. If any of these elements are absent, it might be constituted to something else instead of a war because it has got a certain nature to be called as a war and must meet a certain criteria. While on the other hand, the character of war is something that keeps on changing as per the manifestations and changing phenomena of the real world. The character of war is political that keeps on taking place among various societies. Politics plays a great role and character in shaping the society. While the conduct of war is highly affected by cultural, political, ethical, legal, technological as well as social factors along with the factors associated with the organization of military. However, the place and time keeps on playing great role in deciding the character of wars .
There are many changes in the character of war that are taking place with the passage of time and with the amount of education which is being spread all over the world. Along with this, the importance of collaboration has also been learnt by many countries to get a win-win situation for both countries/parties. However, the changes have also come towards more extremism in the way of terrorism which has affected the peace of the entire world greatly and is destructive by all means without having the factors of any positivity

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