War Changes Throughout Time

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When you think about war you think about fighting, allies, and death. But the idea or even meaning of war is not the same as it was 150 years ago. The idea of war has and never will be based solely on skill or intellect. Sure they're not going to give an untrained man a gun but the idea of war is far more perplexed than just that. Its about honor, integrity, and discipline. War has not only changed over the past 150 years but in the 3 or 4 years that war is actually going on. People, weapons, and motives are all changing from the time the first boy takes a step onto the journey to finding himself. From the first face you see to the last everything changes some good, some bad but in the end all you can do is march forward.

War has changed in many ways one being the sensitivity of war. It has decreased from the the moment the war starts to the very end of it. In both The Red Badge of Courage and Alls Quiet on The Western front both Paul and Henry were excited to go and to use real guns and weapons. But in that moment when they kill their first target it affects them on a deeper, more personal level. In The Red Badge of Courage Henry was very excited to go to war and still went even when his mom advised against it. He was thought he was totally prepared for anything that could happen, then he saw his first battle and heard his first stories of battle. This made him very uneasy. When he saw the first people being killed, some his friends, he thought it best to just give up
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