Nature Vs Nurture

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The nature & nurture issue is a long controversial issue that explains the significance of nature and nurture in several parts of individual development, such as personality, and intelligence. Nature inheritance is genetic behaviors passed from your parents. For example, some people have family genes that enable them to become successful in subjects such as mathematics and science, as well as verbal intelligence. Nurture experiences and learning takes effect after birth. This is what causes psychological characteristics to be established. For instance, if a child grows up in an abusive and dysfunctional home, they are more likely to look for stable and loving care outside the family. Our president Barack Obama was born in Honolulu,…show more content…
Ignorance and arrogance was not accepted in her book. Ever since Obama was child, he was known to be respectful and kind. Obamas mother wanted him to be as open-minded as possible. She would encourage him to try new things, join sports, clubs, and more. Obama quoted, “Like most of my values, I learned about empathy from my mother,” Empathy means to understand what others are feeling. It is important for a mother to teach her child to have empathy because it makes them more kind-hearted and compassionate to others. By teaching Obama these values, she makes him a considerate man. As the president of the United States, it is important for a president to have sympathy for others. For example, there are 44 million American citizens living in the united states that do not have health insurance. Obama knows that having health insurance can be expensive, but he cares about people’s health. That’s why he just recently came out with Obama care. Obama care motivates lots of Americans with the ability to have health care that they can manage to pay for without struggling. As the president, Obama hears thousands of heartbreaking stories of families who struggle financially, emotionally, and mentally. It is necessary to have empathy when listening to these stories because it really shows that he cares and will have a solution to these issues he is being faced with. Americans want a president to be compassionate because
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