Nature Vs Nurture : Nature Versus Nurture

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Nature versus nurture has been a continuing debate and is far from being settled. Whether or not our characteristics are determined by the environmental factors that surround us or they were imbedded in our genes is a question many scientists will argue. The challenge concerning the debate is that it is difficult to know if someone is born with traits or whether their environment affected them. It is unethical to take a child out of its natural surroundings to test nature versus nurture, so identical twins have become the most reliable test cases for finding the answers of what is learned and what is inherited.
I believe that nurture has a lot to do with the development of a human, but nature has a larger impact in determining personality traits and the make up of a person. A human is born with certain characteristics and even though their nurture may influence these characteristics to change or be enhanced, their genes have a large influence on how they will live their life.
There are two types of twins, monozygotic (MZ) and dizygotic (DZ). Monozygotic twins are more commonly known as identical and dizygotic are better known as fraternal twins. Fraternal twins come from two separate eggs, so genetically they are about the same as nontwin siblings. On the other hand, identical twins share an egg, so they share the genes within the egg. Tests can be done to determine if a set of twins are identical or fraternal. To identify whether or not the twins are identical, appearance…
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