Nature Vs Nurture Theory Of George Dilson

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Lester Joseph Gillis, aka George Nelson, was born in 1908. He was killed in 1934 by FBI agents in Illinois three months after his partner in crime, John Dillinger, was found and killed by the FBI. He was 25 when he died. His wife was sentenced a year in jail. He was a bank robber, gangster, smuggler, and killer. He killed more FBI agents in the line of duty than anyone else.
His childhood had everything to do with how and why Lester Gillis became George Nelson. When he was a young teenager, he was in a gang in Chicago. He became known as Baby face Nelson by the members of the gang. As an adult, he was five feet and four inches tall and weighed roughly 133 pounds (FBI, pg.1). This component lead to the violence and disregard he demonstrated towards other people and the law all throughout his life.
The nature vs nurture theory describes that genetics can cause predispositions to mental illnesses, or behaviors that lead people to make poor decisions or even become criminals. (Good Therapy, pg. 1) The reasons behind George Nelson is mostly accountable towards his environment and how he was raised.
From a young age, Nelson proved to have behavioral problems with others. When he was seven, he went to state reformatory for a year after he shot another child in the jaw with a pistol he found. (Nelson Journal, pg. 1) This was an accident, but it would not be the only person that he shot in his life. This kind of behavior in children is genetic because a violent, mean

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