Nature 's Metropolis, Chicago And The Great West

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Book Review 3

Nature’s Metropolis, Chicago and The Great West
Cronon, William. Nature 's Metropolis, Chicago and the Great West. New York, NY: WW Norton & Company, 1991.

William Cronon is an acclaimed author, historian, and professor of history, environmental studies, and geography at the University of Wisconsin. Cronon’s book, Nature’s Metropolis, Chicago and the Great West, was written for an academic audience. Cronon analyzes the settlement of the west concentrating on Chicago as a flourishing industrial city that was empowered by the natural wealth (natural wealth or first nature, and second nature or what humans made from natural resources) it was encompassed by the city and countryside being linked together
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Cronon’s thesis was reinforced by this representation since the more inhabitants that occupied the countryside of the west, the better Chicago flourished due to trade interest and the addition commercial interest helped to increase demand which caused more frequent western colonization. Cronon mentions that there is not an entire detachment from any part of nature neither is there total detachment from city or countryside. Cronon suggests that the first nature or natural resources enabled second nature which is produced natural fortune to be supplemented and both permitted countryside, cities, and promoters to be improved. The territory presented to citizens the potential to take natural fortune and turn it into capital quicker than anyplace else and not just because of the manual labor but because the territory was already prosperous. Cronon makes a very noteworthy point when he mentions the weaknesses in the Fredrick Jackson Turner Frontier Thesis. Cronon believes that Jackson misunderstood the expansion of the west. Turner’s Frontier Thesis is commonly embraced by numerous educational programs, declared that it was the countryside settlers that initially grew into triumphant in creating the west and concluding the frontier, or because the expansion of the west was a natural occurrence and divides the city’s importance as finished products. Cronon implies that they advanced together and they prospered with the help of each other. Cronon uses Chicago as a
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