Nature vs. Nurture Paper

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Nature vs. Nurture How has nature vs. nurture affected my life? Nature and nurture affect my life every day and it has affected me all my life, its everywhere. The family I was born into, the friends I hang out with, the television I watch, and the beliefs I have. All that is Nature vs. nurture, and now I am going to give you some examples. Nature: refers to heredity, the genetic makeup an individual carries from the time of conception to the time of death. This notion of nature refers to the biologically prescribed tendencies and capabilities individuals possess which may unfold themselves throughout the course of life. Some examples are hair color, height, body type and eye color. I was born into a larger family, my mom and dad…show more content…
This is where I met most of my friends, they all played one sport or another and to this day they still are my friends and some are my best friends. My friends had a big impact on what I do, because I wanted to do stuff they were doing like sports and buying the latest gaming system to the type of clothes and shoes I buy, I wanted to fit in with them. To complicate matters even further, the factors in each of these layers influence and are influenced by elements within and outside of these layers. Like the parents view of acceptable playmates, housing policies, race relations, entitlement programs. My parents view of acceptable friends was never a problem, because I always stuck with the same group, and that group was all athletes and was always doing something in a sport causing us to not drink or do drugs because that would result in not being able to play the sport anymore, or a penalty of some sort that we didn’t want. But I would get in trouble if I didn’t clean my room, which to this day I still clean my room because I have growing up and developed into a tidy person and not being messy it also has caused me to be organized, all because of that one rule. As you can see Nature vs. Nurture has a big role in my life, it’s how I was developed and how I live my life. To the family I was born with and who I grew up with to the media and my schools I’ve been

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