Examples Of Nature Vs Nurture

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“In the real world there is no nature versus nurture, only an infinitely complex and moment-by-moment interaction between genetic and environmental effects,” (Gabor Maté, Nature is something no one has control over, but nurture is another story. Nature is what is passed down from the parents, such as eye, skin, and hair color. Nurture are the influences around someone, such as peers, the media, friends, and parents. “High school students them former classmates of Nancy and Kenyon Clutter, chanted cheerleader rhymes, bubbled, bubblegum, gobbled hotdogs, and soda pop” (The Answer, 192). In the following paragraphs, I will explain why I believe nurture is more overpowering than nature. Nurture is the first thing that babies …show more content…

Like parents, peers and friends have a bad influence depending on who a person hangs out with. Peers or friends have a good influence would encourage a person to join the student council, join a study session, or get all A’s in their classes. “Green, a suavely tough little septuagenarian, has an imposing reputation among his peers, who admire his stage craft - a repertoire of actorish gifts that includes a sense of timing acute as a night-club comedian” (Answer, 159). Good students would also hang out with each other around town, or they would in the mall shopping for clothes. They would not be the rebels who are hiding in bathrooms, smoking cigarettes or doing and selling drugs. “He had enjoyed it, seeing Bonnie out in public, nervous but nonetheless smiling, talking to people, and they both had been proud of Nancy; she had done so well, remembering all her lines, and looking, as he had said to her in the course of backstage congratulations” (The Last to See Them Alive, 4). Neighbors also have a decent influence on children growing up. The old lady across the street could give the child some money if they rake the leaves in her yard, or shovel snow off of her driveway. The child would learn business management at a young age, and to be helpful to your neighbors

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