Nautilus Elementary 5th Grade Essay

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Nautilus elementary, 5th grade. Probably the grade that every kid either had crazy times and bad experiences. At this time, I was not the greatest at reading. Reading was at the bottom of my list because I thought it was pointless. Avoiding all the reading assignments that my crazy teacher gave us to complete. She was ridiculous! Made us read a book a week and then test the book the following week. This test was called an a.r test, this test not only showed that we understood and read the book but it also calculated our reading level. Being at a grade and half lower reading level was not the greatest. Always failing all the test and my grade dropping lower and lower didn’t make my look like a good kid. A couple of months went by and I …show more content…

I did not want to repeat the 5th grade again. Especially not see the devils face every day again. So I began to actually do my assignments. Reading was not easy at first but I slowing started improving. Passing my test and feeling good that I manage to actually take the time to read the book and pass the quiz at the end. Slamming book after book and passing with everyone I saw a huge improvement, not only in my grade but my comprehension. Later down the road, I had a private meeting with my teacher. She didn’t look too happy but remembering that she always looked like that. We sat down at she told me “congrats you are going to pass and you’re at an 8th-grade reading level”. I was so astonished! Leaping with enjoyment, ready to go home and tell my parents. Later in the school year, there was an award assembly like we usually have every end of the year for kids that did excellent in school. I wasn’t expecting my name to be called at all for any type of reward. After a dozen of names called he says “ This reward goes to a kid that showed major improvement with the highest reading average in the 5th grade, this reward goes to justice Roberts” I couldn’t believe it I slowly walk up to the podium and grabbing the award just motivated me. Looking at the shiny gold trophy is says “reading honors” with my first and last name stamped into

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