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Online Learning Environment Scavenger Hunt Introduction Learning how to navigate the online classroom environment is essential to your academic success. GCU’s Learning Management System (LMS) LoudCloud has many resources to help you become a successful graduate student. Directions View the LoudCloud Walk to Class Tutorial as well as search LoudCloud to find answers to the questions below. You should complete the guide while navigating the LoudCloud environment. Part A: Answer each prompt 1. List the tabs and other items on the screen when you first enter a course in LoudCloud. When you first enter the classroom you see the homepage. On the home page there is the calendar for the week, assignments for the week in the middle and…show more content…
4. Under the “Resources” Tab in LoudCloud, click on the “Student Success Center." Under which tab in the Student Success Center can you find official Microsoft Tutorials for their software products? On the far right under “resources” and then you scroll to the bottom of the page it says official Microsoft tutorials and you click on the link. 5. Under the “Resources” Tab in LoudCloud, inside the “Student Success Center," click on the “Tools for Success” tab at the top. What video might be most helpful to you under the “Success Webinars” section? I think for me it would be the “study skills” since I have been out of school for a little while. 6. From the course home page in LoudCloud, find where you can see your current grade in the course. You click on reports and then you click on gradebook. Click on which week you want to see the grade for. 6. Click on the “Resources” Tab in the classroom. Click on “Syllabus." What are all the different sections found in the Syllabus? Look at the “Overall” and “Current” sections of the syllabus. (Hint: they might be the orange sections on the left of the screen.) Under the Current view (meaning that week) the sections are objectives, topic material, assignments, discussion questions, and participation. Under the overall sections are details (of the class), credit hours of the class, pre-requisites, co-requisites, course add-ons, topics (for each

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