Naya Lilly Biography

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My best friends name is Naya Raelynn Lilly. She was born June 14th 1998. She is one of my favorite people to be with and have in my life. I met Naya the summer of 2006 when we moved into our new house in Georgia. That’s when my life changed. Everything I did she did, and everything she did I did. I was a gymnast since I was two and I wanted to continue with it. Naya never did gymnastics, but when she saw how much fun I had doing it she wanted to do it too. We went from webkinz to bikes and from bikes to cell phones. We were inseparable. The older we got the more adventures we had especially the ones we were not supposed to have. Those were the most fun. The best memory I think I have (that’s PG-13) is the time we snorted Kool-Aid. It was a …show more content…

They all are each of my mother’s children god mothers. That is what I want. I want to have a best friend for the longest time and her being the god mother of my child. Naya and I keep some of the biggest secrets for each other. There is no way we cannot be friends. We know too much. She is my rock and has gotten me out of very difficult times in my life. Ever since we were little our plan was to live right across from each other. Me being in college has been kind of hard for us because things that go on back home I don’t really get to hear about. So it’s hard for us to keep up with the drama in each other’s life because we aren’t experiencing it with each other. We realize that it’s not going to be easy trying to keep our friendship together, but we both know that at the end of the day we have each other’s backs. Nothing can break our bond. I know that when I walk down the aisle at my wedding I’m going to see her right by my side as my maid of honor. We’ve been through everything from boys to jumping off roofs. I think we can handle a little …show more content…

Over this summer we got into our second argument while being in this friendship. The first argument was because she was being stingy with her dolls and would not let me play with them. I took the doll she left over my house and threw it in the mud. We were not friends for 30 minutes. The second argument we got into was this summer. Naya was talking to this boy. I told her she shouldn’t and that he’s no good. She didn’t listen. I just let her make her own decisions when it came to him. As long as she didn’t do the bad thing with him I was good. My boyfriend at the time was cousins with the boy Naya messed with. He told me that Naya and Chank did the bad thing that I did not approve of. This made me mad. So before I went off on her, I asked her if it was true. She lied to me. Me, her best friend, how could she lie to me? I know everything about her. Why would she lie to me? This hurt me to the core. I couldn’t look at her let alone speak to her. Our friendship at that point was over. Ten years of memories gone down the drain. I left Effingham County without even saying good bye. We didn’t talk for the rest of the summer. I couldn’t believe it. We knew it was official because we deleted all of our pictures on Instagram. I felt like it was more of a break-up than our friendship just being

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