Nazi Germany : The Most Evil Man Essay

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Commonly thought to be the most evil man in all of modern history, Adolf Hitler ruled the country of Germany for twelve years. Although he ended up having unlimited power in Nazi Germany, he started his life the way most young men did in the early nineteenth century, a soldier in the Great War. He served his time in the German Military, and when the war ended he returned back to Germany. After the Great War Germany surrendered, and they were forced to sign the Treaty of Versaille. The treated blamed the entire war on Germany, and forced them to pay for all the damage, which was in the billions, caused in the war. Also in the treaty, Germany had to give away about ten percent of its land to surrounding european countries. A lot more was agreed upon in the treaty, but the main goal of it was to push all the blame of World War One into the German people. Germany spiraled into a terrible economic depression; the price of bread skyrocketed to a billion Mark, which was German currency at the time. Near the end of the war, the government was overthrown by the Communist Party of Germany, creating the Weimar Republic. The rough economic state of Germany caused the republic to be doomed from its start. In the midst of all the postwar struggles going on in Germany, Adolf Hitler returned home as a hero. “..He emerged from the trenches in World War I, where he showed bravery...” (Mitgang, C17). Hitler used the respect he built during the war to start his own party, the National

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