Nazi Propaganda Reached an Extreme State with the Passing of the Nuremberg Laws

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 Nazi propaganda started off simply as a display of anti-Semitism. However as time progressed it became more and more extreme. In 1933 the Nazis passed the Nuremberg laws. The first rule of order was to prohibit Jews from holding public office. This is only the first step in their plot to diminish the Jewish community. More laws then came. In 1935, the Nuremberg laws took German citizenship away from the Jews. They also had to wear a bright yellow star attached to their clothes so the Nazis could identify them. o Page 2: Kristallnacht  Then came Kristallnacht, or “The Night of Broken Glass.” In early November 1938, Nazi leaders overheard the news of a young German Jew, by the name of Herschel Grynszpan, who shot an employee of the German …show more content…

It is very clear to see the increasing effort that the Nazis were putting into annihilating the Jewish population at this time. However it only got worse. o Page 5: The Concentration Camps  Hitler became weary of waiting for the Jews to die off. He wanted them gone much quicker and in a wider scale. He set up a plan called the “Final Solution” in 1939. This was a perfect example of pure genocide. At this point, Hitler not only wanted to rid Germany of Jews, but anyone who is not a part of the so-called “Aryan” race. The SS, Hitler’s elite security force, rounded up thousands upon thousands of men, woman, children, and even newborns; and took them to concentration camps. The Nazis used psychological torture tactics on the captives. They were captured in early morning, thus making them disoriented and confused; they were told to strip naked at the camps and forced to stand nude among millions of other inmates. This was a tactic of dehumanizing the inmates. The conditions were made purposely terrible in order to kill the Jews in a large-scale. At this point, hostility towards Jews is almost at its peak. o Page 6: The “Final Solution”  But it came to a point where Hitler desired mass extermination. In early 1942, the Nazis built death camps prepared with gas chambers made for mass murder. The first death camp, by the name of Chelmno, began operating in

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