Nazi Concentration Camp Essay

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Dachau Nazi Concentration Camp Dachau was the first concentration camp ever built by the Nazis. It was built on March 30, 1933, 10 miles away from Munich. In the beginning of the The Third Reich, Dachau was built to hold the political prisoners. As the years went by there were Jews, and later on there were more people brought in from different countries and races. When Dachau built new buildings it could have fit 5,000 prisoners. By 1938 Dachau was finished, it had 32 barracks and was able to fit in 6,000 prisoners. There was seven watch towers around the camp, along with electrical fences. Later in 1942 Dachau built gas chambers. It was March 22, 1938 the first prisoners arrived Dachau. They were sent to Dachau …show more content…

The first commander of Dachau was the SS official Himler Wäckerle. Later Himlar was replaced after being charged for killing a prisoner on June 1933. Theodor Eicke took over Himler's place. All the commanders that assisted Dachau were cruel to the prisoners. Some of the commanders even killed the prisoners. In 1938 many Austrians were brought to Dachau, they were brought there because of the war they had with the German army.Every country that was invaded, their people were sent to Dachau, when they arrived at the concentration camp there hair was shaved and lost their rights. Worst of all they loose their families, many that every liberated from Dachau or other concentration camps didn't even get to see their families again. The prisoners had numbers on their bodies to indicate what group they were in. All they did all day was to work, to starve, and be scared of the SS guards for their beatings. Prisoners worked on factories inside the camp. They would work on building rifles for the Nazi soldiers. Also the prisoners worked on building new buildings. Most of the barracks were built by the prisoners. Another job they did was that they worked in the farm. All the prisoners worked all day, some died while working to

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