Neaderthals and the Human Race Essay

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In 1864 William King gave the name Homo neanderthalensis to a set of fossil remains found ten years earlier in the Feldhofer Cave of the Neander Valley in Germany. After King began his studies into Homo neanderthalensis he discovered that the fossil found in Germany were not the first. Unrecognized Neanderthal fossils were unearthed across Europe, as north as Belgium and as far south as Gibraltar. With a skull larger that humans Neanderthals survived the cold European lands by creating tools, mastering fire, building lodges, and hunting large animals. Neanderthals occupied Europe the same time as the first humans. Some evidence supporting the idea that humans and Neanderthals lived together and even interbreed. The Homo neanderthalensis …show more content…

This indicates that Neanderthal life focused around hunting mega fauna that lived in Eurasia. Being able to hunt these large animals was possible because of their powerful body type and the technology they used. Homo neanderthals were not as intelligent as humans but by no means were they unintelligent. They created the Mousterian toolkit which greatly outperformed the Olduvai toolkit used by earlier hominids. Mousterian technology outperformed Olduvai technology in two way. First it has a greater number of specialized tool allowing for more complicated work. Secondly it was far more effective, Neanderthals were able to create far more tools out of a single source material than was possible before. Neanderthals also practiced pressure flaking. A process of pressing down on the edge of flint blade it created a sharper somewhat serrated edge. Neanderthals would then take these flint blades and producing spears. Groups of Neanderthals would thrust these spears into large animals. Javelins which are weighted and thrown where probably never used by Neanderthals. Since hunting was at the center of Neanderthal culture, and hunting was a social activity other cultural practices such as language developed.(Neanderthal, 2013) Both the anatomy and the social practices indicate that Neanderthals were capable of language. Neanderthals had relatively domed shaped heads, which is necessary for the highly thinking necessary for speech. They

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