Case Study Near Failure At Nagasaki

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Near Failure at Nagasaki MGT 3300 Case study 1 Prof. James Walsh 09/29/2014 facts Mission was planned for August 11th but was changed to the 9th due to bad weather Primary target was Kokura and Nagasaki was secondary Bomb to be dropped was called Fat Man, a plutonium bomb more complex than the one dropped on Hiroshima 509th commander, Col. Paul W. Tibbets Jr. choose Maj. Charles W. Sweeney, commander of the 393rd Bomb Squadron to command the mission Six B-29s was sent to the mission Sweeney and Bock switched airplanes, with Sweeney flying Bockscar and Bock flying The Great Artiste Bockscar had problems with fuel; there was 7,250 gallons of fuel aboard and only 600 gallons in reserve tank The …show more content…

Proposed Solutions Positives Negatives Sweeney should have made the decision to inform the crew when he discovered the fuel problem The crew may have thought more highly of Sweeney’s ability to lead. This would have also given them more time aloft There may have been more time spent fueling this delaying the mission even more. Sweeney should have left the original rendezvous point after 15 minutes The mission would have had more time to better plan for the drop on Nagasaki If everyone else decided to delay, Sweeney leaving early may not have made a difference Make sure that ALL team members understood and agreed to follow a specific plan, with minimal room for adjustments Hopkins and Ashworth would not have any room to second-guess Sweeney and would have been held responsible for deviations in the plan. The proper method of communication would have to be chosen here in order to get the plan to execute smoothly Chosen solution The most important factor that could have improved the outcome of the mission was having Sweeney leave the rendezvous point on time. If Sweeney had left he would have had more time and fuel to accomplish the Nagasaki mission, possibly resulting in a drop on the exact target that was originally planned for Nagasaki. Backup plan In case Sweeney was not able to leave on time, then it should have been made clear that all directions in the mission should be

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