Nebuchadnezzar's Telepathic Theory

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For along as humans have kept a written history there have been stories about extraordinary occurrences: telepathic dreams in which the dreamer appears to receive the thoughts of another person or clairvoyant dreams in which the dreamer seemed to be able to observe far away events. Telepathic and clairvoyant dreams, along with precognition and psychokinesis, have been group together and called “psi” by modern-day parapsychologists. These instances of “psi” are described as interactions that occur between organisms and their environment (this includes other organisms) in which information or influence is exchanged that has not been able to be explained by through conventional scientific understanding of sensory-motor coordination. They are thought to be strange or unusual since they appear to occur outside the constraints of time, space, and energy (Krippner, Bogzaran & Carvalho, 2002. Page 93).
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Since biblical times there have been stories about these extraordinary dreams. The ancient Babylonian King, Nebuchadnezzar, awoke one morning after what experiencing what he felt was a divine dream. He was unable to remember the dream so he sent for wizards, astrologers, and diviners, demanding that they tell him his dream and its interpretation. If they were unable to do so, he threatened to execute them all. When a prophet Daniel heard of the problem he prayed to his God for the revelation of the king’s dream. It is written that the dream came to him that night. Daniel was able to share the dream, and its interpretation with the king and save the dream interpreters lives (Krippner, Bogzaran & Carvalho,
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