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Needs Analysis HRM/326 Needs Analysis Dr. Riordan, a Chemist, founded Riordan Manufacturing (RM) in 1991, in Albany, Georgia. It is a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues reaching one billion. Since the opening of the operation, the Riordan has expanded to Pontiac Michigan producing plastic parts, Hangzhou China manufacturing plastic fan parts and Riordan has a Research and Development Corporation headquarter in San Jose, with 550 total employees. Riordan states that the company will maintain an innovative working environment with well-informed teams. Riordan will make sure that the company’s employees are adequately supported and well-informed (University of Phoenix, 2013). This paper will provide valuable information on needs…show more content…
Opportunities. Opportunities should be discovered and put to use. RM curently has a few available opportunities. Finding a CAD tool ready at the beginning of the project that is sustained by vendor source, and holds a more suffient back-up plan in case of unexpected emergency would be one major opportunity. Requiring one to two representatives from each user area to examin project deliverables and help ensure all user perspectives are ready is another opportunity. The third opportunity is to use contrasting product advancement methodologies that allow users to see and comment on product building blocks so that advancement can shift direction as needed. The final opportunity RM has is to review available tools and techonologies at the beginning stage of the planning process to create time for any replacements necessary (University of Phoenix, 2013). Threats. Threats or obstacles are present in any organization and should be discovered and overcome. There are four known threats that should be prepared for. Firs, tracking tools not ready and available for team members (all items were transmitted to a single contact for data entry into Excel). Second, unavailable advanced CAD tools at the beginning of project (a few delays due to tool being uninstalled and available team). Third, essential technical support contact not available for an elongated amount of time (personal leave). Fourth, unexpected power outages (University of Phoenix,
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