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Final LT Project

This proposal has been prepared for Riordan Manufacturing Company by the BSA/375 Learning Team Corporation. We are pleased to provide this proposal and look forward to working closely with members of the Riordan Manufacturing team. After careful analysis and review, we are confident that our recommendations will greatly enhance Riordan Manufacturing and place them firmly in the lead amongst other companies.
In order to create a successful business plan, we first conducted a needs analysis and put together a list of recommendations that could be used to help the company. Riordan Manufacturing would like to reduce costs and materials across all plants. The introduction phase involves the evaluation of the current
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Based upon our analysis, and experience gained from other industries, we project that 50% of this cost will be recouped within the first five years after project completion. After that, the expected cost benefits will be between 5%-10% savings per year over current processes.

• Current Business Process: Riordan Manufacturing 's current process is not very efficient. It calls for multiple suppliers to ship parts to Riordan 's raw material storage area at regular intervals. These intervals have been set up in advance using production history as a guideline. This process causes a huge inventory spike during slow production times thus requiring a large amount of storage space and upfront costs. There is not a standardized method for the individual assembly areas to communicate parts shortages back to the raw material storage area. Also, as indicated during our analysis, the network infrastructure and current systems at the plant are very outdated causing system slowdowns and reducing plant efficiency.

• Proposed System Requirement List:
a. Development of a two week plant floor operator 's RMIS course.
b. Development of a one-week plant supervisor 's RMIS course (this course can also be provided to designated suppliers).
c. Development of a one-day high level RMIS course as an executive system summary.
d. Complete all training of personnel within three months of implementation, with periodic training held on a weekly basis from

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