Negative Attitudes Towards Hiv / Aids

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I have observed many negative attitudes towards HIV/ AIDS that my research has only proven further. The first observation is that a lot of people tend to feel invincible or immune to the disease and forget that anyone can acquire it, especially those with numerous sexual partners.
As humans we can all be a little nasty at times, but when people are informed that someone around them have HIV-AIDS they perceive them in a whole new light and even see the disease and no longer see person. In our day-to-day lives we don 't think of how people with these diseases are affected mentally and socially but my research has a really opened my eyes. I can recall a time when I was ignorant to the causes of AIDS, and was amidst a conversation with my
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I 've become more reserved with people and I walk about convinced that I have a stamp on my head: 'HIV '.” “I felt dirty and unclean and I thought I would never be able to kiss my wean.” “I know a lot of moral society would be against me sleeping with anybody so I have guilt from that feeling.” “Nobody at work knows. Our company is a kind of hire and fire company and would sack us on the spot.” “The average person is ignorant about HIV like going back to leprosy and people being unclean and people seeing it with panic. (Green, 1995)” The statements above are all from people living with HIV and their perspective of attitudes toward them. These people live in fear, and are often scared to tell people around them, which makes them feel lonely & depressed, in addition to the physical suffering they endure. One does not usually consider the social or emotional effects of being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS but several people suffer from not only the disease but depression guilt, loneliness, etc.
People living with HIV/AIDS
There are so many courageous people living with HIV that are determined to continue life as normal as possible. They believe life does go on, and they intend to make the best of it. Healthline Network is a company that strives to inform individuals and help them make educated decisions, which shares enlightening articles about other’s personal accounts. These are their stories: A woman named Chelsea White, shares her recollection of her first HIV
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