Negative Attributes of Old Society Essay

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Negative Attributes of Old Societies Starting out, you have to compare the negatives of the Polis from Medea to the negatives of the “romanitas” from Ovid. There were many negatives that we saw and read about in the book of Medea. The main negative was the state power. Of the state power there was the Bureaucrats, Politicians and the Lawyers. These three groups of people had the entire control over what would happen in their society. Even though Medea was a very loyal woman to her husband Jason, she resented the state power and in turn Jason gave her up. Jason was very loyal to the state power of the elites. Both of them were very loyal, but loyal for two different causes. Here is a quote from Jason explaining why he came to …show more content…

I have no strength to drive these enemies from the house: you must come quickly, to your harbour and refuge! You’ve a son, and I pray he’ll be one who, in his tender years, will be educated in his father’s arts…(goes on to say)...You’ll find that I, in truth, a girl when you went away, though you soon return, have become an aged woman” (I: Penelope to Ulysses). The last line is the most important with her saying that she wishes he hadn’t sailed away on a voyage to Troy from Ithica. It is similar to Medea in the way that she has a longing for her husband to come back. But at the same time it is different because Ulysses loves Penelope very much, although Jason does not love Medea anymore. There are the same basic negatives in each story because in Ithica the state power was also supreme. Although it was later on in time, the times that Chaucer was living in were still similar to the structure of society from Athens to Rome. The civilitas during his time basically meant that most things revolved around the upper class as well as religion. An interesting quote from the introduction of Chaucer that we read states, “The upper class or nobility, represented cheifly by the Knight and his Squire, was in Chaucer’s time steeped in a culture of chivalry and courtliness” (Introduction of Chaucer reading). In his time there were many fights between the social classes of people. The three classes were the clergy, the nobility, and the

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