Negative Effects Of Advertising

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We, the human race, are driven on instincts and senses. Whether it is the smell of a sizzling hamburger being charred over the grill or the sounds of hysterical screaming, we are programed to feel certain ways about different things. I think that is what is so powerful about advertisements. If the company is able to make their audience feel the way they want, the customer is pretty much sold. It doesn’t matter what the product is, if the advertisement is able to capture the attention of the customer, them they have already won. The fact that the advertisement got the attention of the customer shows that it is already working. Take smoking for example, the majority of people will agree that smoking is a gross and dangerous habit. It causes many health concerns like lung cancer, COPD, coronary heart disease, respiratory disease, and an increased risk of stroke to just name a few. Well if smoking is so bad, then why do people do it? It all starts with the advertising. The big tobacco companies have been glorifying tobacco use for decades. They go after the senses like most other advertising but they really drive home the appeal factor. They often go after younger aged audiences because that is when people are at their most influenced point in life. The tobacco companies know that if someone picks up smoking when they are a young adult or teenager then they will more than likely be hooked for the majority of their lives. They just see it as a long term customer. The big

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