The Pros And Cons Of Advertising

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These ads have different meanings and they make connections to many things in our life. Pathos, Logos, and Ethos are helpful to writing an excellent paper and each one makes connections back to the ads, although each has its own meanings of what it takes to be categorized as one of them. These three appeals show the established credibility, emotional appeal, and how the ad was logical in reasoning. These three ads relate to Ethos in many ways they persuade the audience that the character is the good person, it establishes credibility and it makes you trust in them. In the “Lost Dog,” the ad showed that the owner really cared about his animals (Neves). When he saw that his dog was missing he went out and looked for him, he went around town and asked people if they had seen his dog and he hung up pictures of his dog (Neves). The Horses are like the dogs’ older brothers, once they heard that he was in trouble they came to the rescue and brought him back home safe and sound (Neves). Animals are a human beings best friend, they always have our backs. In the video “Friends are waiting” the dogs’ owner shows that he cares for him also, because he let him know, “I might be staying at a friend’s tonight, but I’ll be back for a morning walk,” and he comes out playing and walking him (Budweiser). The owner made a responsible decision in staying over at his friends’ house because he knew it came with consequences if he drove home intoxicated. In the “Controversial Super Bowl Ad with

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