Negative Effects Of Childhood And Its Effects On Our Society

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The outlook and opinion-based beliefs of a society has detrimental effects on anything and everything that is valued in our world. The way in which a society views something greatly impacts its functionality. The societal views on the stage of life called childhood directly affects children and takes opportunities away from them, as well as stunts their development into fully-functioning, self-entitled human beings. The effects and consequences for children who live in our society, which sees childhood as a growing stage that needs to be strictly directed, are immense. Childhood is in fact a stage of nurture and upbringing; however, children need to be understood as functioning human beings, and as people with impactful ideas and beliefs. Children are protected to an extent and that is evident through the strict laws involving child abuse and child soldiers, and these laws are supported by the vast majority of global society. The significance of societal beliefs when regarding childhood also has a critical effect on our education system, our parenting methods and our ability to make children feel heard. Childhood is a developmental stage of life that dictates the functionality and well-being of a person’s future. One of the major institutions in which children spend most of their time developing is school. The education system in which children are exposed to and brought up in defines who the child will become and the sort of knowledge the child will bring with them
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