Negative Effects Of Illegal Immigration

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In the United states, immigration is a very controversial topic. Legal and illegal immigrants have a positive effect on the U.S economy. Republicans in the united states use illegal immigration as a talking point to keep mexicans and other latin americans out of the country and to put fear into the white working class. The U.S should allow illegal residents to come in and there be a path to citizenship. The U.S should be welcome to all people if they meet the requirements to come into the u.s. The U.S should also make the immigration process easier so that people don't feel the need to come here illegally. Also immigrants bring their culture and make The United States more culturally diverse. In the U.S, there are approximately less than 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. There is difficulty finding exact numbers due to the fact they are undocumented. Illegal residents in the U.S make a positive impact on the U.S economy. Illegal immigrants still pay taxes, federal and state. Illegals alone contribute roughly 11.1 billion dollars in federal and state taxes. To break that number down further, they pay roughly 7 billion in sales taxes, 1.1 billion in personal income taxes, and 3.6 billion in property taxes. They generate more tax revenue than 11 states: Idaho, New Mexico, Hawaii, South Dakota, North dakota, Maine, West Virginia, Montana, Alaska, Wyoming and Vermont. Illegal immigrants effective tax rate, which is the share of total income in taxes is eight

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