Negative Effects Of Technology On Teenagers

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Negative Effects of Technology on Teenagers “Teenaged boys spend the longest, with an average of eight hours” Teenagers are surrounded by technology every where they go. The technology that teens use greatly impacts their lives and can be harmful. Technology has a negative effect on teenagers because of the social problems, health problems, and addiction. Teenagers are having more social problems as they become more exposed to new technology. Adolescents are constantly using their phone and other forms of technology wherever they are and communicating with others. Technology has opened more and new ways for teens to talk to each other which has come with its problems. Teenagers are now becoming more addicted to their phone and are now spending less time with their family and friends (Smerconish). When teenagers are zoned into their phones texting their friends and not talking to them face to face. Adolescents are then slowly becoming more isolated from others which has a decrease on their communication skills (McPeek). When teens do not have good communication skills, it makes it harder for them to start and hold a conversation with others. Teenagers will need these communications skills when they enter the workforce and the technology they are using is not helping them (McPeek). Also with teens texting more it has caused them to stop calling people which requires an instant response. When teens are texting somebody they can take as long as they want to respond and think of
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