Technology And Adolescents : The Impact Of Technology

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What does the future hold? The first word that penetrates my mind is technology. Throughout the past century technology has evolved in so many ways. It has made interacting more efficient, school effortless, and medicine much more sophisticated. Moreover, tech has had a colossal impact on our world now. Unfortunately, with all the opportunities this innovation has given us, comes the side effects. Nowadays teens are so invested in the new, anonymous online world, that kids have become increasingly isolated. Many kids are so focused on how many “likes”, “followers”, or “snaps” they have, that the rest of the world is totally disregarded. Even the voracious hunger for learning has been lost with the progress of technology. The question one …show more content…

This isolation makes it harder for teens who are cyberbullied to stand up. In my vehement opinion, I believe that teens are responsible for this, therefore teens should be the ones concerned.

The use of technology in the classroom seems to have become a distraction because of adolescents as well. I interviewed my father, who is a 15 year, veteran teacher, said that “Students are more willing to copy during exams, take pictures of exams, and share with their friends rather than mastering any skills.” In addition, he said, “During teaching time, students are receiving phone calls, texting and roaming social media, instead of focusing on learning.” How can this type of behavior be a welcoming environment for learning? It seems like in some parts of the U.S. the application of technology is destroying the academic process of young learners instead of improving it. This is most likely why the French government recently presented laws that prohibited the use of cellular phones in schools.

One of the aspirations of New Jersey Board of Education is to “integrate and advance the use of education based technology to enhance student learning and assessment of student.” If this goal is to be achieved, schools will have to start incorporating technology into curriculums. Nowadays there are many ways teachers can embody technology into the classroom. For example, students attending Manual Arts School

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