Negative Effects Of Technology On Youth

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In today’s society, technology often affects youth in a negative way. Many teenagers use technology as a way to communicate since technology is easily accessible. Although technology makes youth’s lives easier, too much technology can lead to serious consequences. Teenagers who do not use technology in moderation can suffer long-term issues. Today’s world is often overwhelmed by the unethical use of technology. Youth sometimes use technology in the wrong way, causing negative outcomes. Most of today’s youth do not realize the affects their actions can have on others. Teens tend to get caught up while using technology, not thinking about anything around them. Technology negatively affects youth because it minimizes interpersonal communication, distracts, and even endangers. Technology minimizes interpersonal communication amongst youth. In today’s society, many teenagers would rather communicate via social media than have actual face to face conversations. This tends to create problems because many teens lose their ability to communicate verbally. Also, this causes the lack of social skills since many teens would rather communicate indirectly through a screen. Sherry Turkle, a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, showed that teens lack the ability to communicate when she stated, “They need time to discover themselves, time to think. But technology, put in the service of always on communication and telegraphic speed and brevity has changed the rules of
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