Negative Effects Of Video Games

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With the rising popularity of video games people of all kinds are forming completely different opinions on the growing entertainment platform. Some argue that interactive brain stimulation increases hand-eye coordination and focus. Others say it has a negative psychological effect on their child and influences them to partake in aggressive behavior that they would otherwise not become involved in.CBN explains that Grand Theft Auto III (GTAIII), a rock star game, releasing shortly after 9/11 raised many eyebrows and sparked controversy by pushing the boundaries of what games should allow. GTAIII has depicted many sexual and explicit activities to which many argue causes some children to become more likely to be associated with drugs…show more content…
Although video games have been blamed for the violence and drug addictions, other arguments state that it is subconscious and come from real life experiences. School violence is often related to video games in which the objective is to eliminate opposing players. The comparing of reality with imagination is a very broad spectrum to ridicule, saying it makes people insane or murderous. A 12th grade student from Clements high-school was sent to alternative school to finish out the year, after creating a virtual recreation of his school in a videogame called Counter-Strike, a First-Person shooter, where you can play as a terrorist. This is one of many games that are claimed to influencing aggressive and violent behavior in still developing mind of young children. Even though there are many cases of these lash out and blame being pointed toward the entertainment platform and culture, some view games in a different light. Some science has been done about the positive effects games can have on the development of one’s brain. Studies on the form of entertainment have proven to enhance the learning experience by having the user actively interact with what they are being taught. exclaims that the overwhelmingly popular game Minecraft is no longer a new concept in the classroom and teachers all over have been experimenting with the learning applications of the game for a

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