Negative Effects Of Violent Video Games And Toys

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I wish In the discussion of violent video games and toys, one controversial issue has been that violent games and toys are known to be a negative influence on children and young adults, and could potentially cause them to become bad people in our society. On the one hand, many sociologists, psychologist, and concerned parents argue that violent video games and toys are a main contributor to violent behavior in children. Most of these people say that children are very impressionable, and more than likely to develop a negative attitude or involve themselves in negative activities after they have played with a violent video game and/or played with a form a war toy, or some sort of toy gun. On the other hand, many people contend that violent behavior is not learned from video games, it is developed through a child’s observation of the people around them. So if a child sees their parent or friend having a negative attitude then they will display the same attitude. Others even maintain that violent video games and toys are a great outlet for children to express and already present frustration. My own view is that violent video games do not have a major impact on children and that there is no need to ban any sort of video game or toy.
There has been major controversy on the topic of violent video games and toys. There has been discredit to the findings and scientific contribution to the study of children and violent games and toys. Just like most studies out there, this topic has

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