Violent Video Games Are Numbing the Minds of Children Essays

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Violent video games are undoubtedly a legalized drug to children and teens, numbing their thoughts and reprogramming their minds. Like a drug, it desensitizes them, and makes them more prone to violence. This idea of violent video games was not a phenomenon until the later 20th century, and evolved from racing into enemies, to free-for-all drug abuse and sexual/physical violence that most youth know and play today. These games have a detrimental impact on teens, making them eat more, become more aggressive, and wash away their morality. Although some may try to argue with reality, countering that its helps them socially, similar to the idea of teens taking drugs, violent video games reduce their overall health and need to be taken care…show more content…
With todays market, if someone were to walk into any game store across the country, they would realize that any child with parental approval can attain these games, making it virtually easy for anyone of any age to play violent games. If we combine the 2009 study as well as this jaw-dropping statistic, we can easily see that most kids will grow up more violent than the previous generation, making today’s world full of danger and crime. Moreover, we can also see how indirectly, violent video games can cause teens to become more aggressive. According to a study conducted by Brad Bushman on violent video games, kids who played violent video games and were offered M&M candy to eat while playing ate almost three times as much candy compared to kids who played non-violent video games under the same circumstances. Not only does this show the physical health effects of these games, but by processing this information, one can see that it shows a foundational fact that kids show less restraint overall when playing violent video games, whether in candy or violence. To conclude this study further, Bushman measured direct aggression through having teens in both criteria play a game where they would blast someone else through noises with different volumes and lengths. The results showed that violent video gamers blasted their “partner” with louder and
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