Negative Effects Of Watching Pornography

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When it comes to the topic of pornography people usually take one of two sides. One side contains the many people who believe there are no negative effects to watching pornography while the opposite side includes the many others who are completely against pornography. Most people believe that the only reason the latter side exists is due to religious beliefs which, upon doing any research, that idea can quickly be discovered to be false. There are actually two reasons why people are against pornography, one is based on religious beliefs. Another reason many people are against pornography is because of the negative effects that watching it has on an individual’s brain. These negative effects are the rewiring of the brain, the addictiveness of it, as well as the emotional effects pornography has on the person watching it. The first dangerous outcome of watching pornography is the rewiring and reshaping effects it has on an individual’s brain. The effects of pornography on your brain come down to science. Numerous studies have been conducted regarding the effects of pornography. An article in National Center for Biotechnology Information states that watching porn can affect the reward responses in your brain which leads to a loss of control and ultimately addiction in many cases. It was found that people who watch porn have shrunken striatum areas, an area of the brain linked with reward response and motivation, compared to people who have not viewed pornography. In a

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