Negative Effects of Popular Media

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Oletha Moore April 25, 1997 Humanities 490 Seeing Is Believing: Negative Effects Of Popular Media On Society’s Views of Disabled People Social Therapists teach that much of what we learn is the result of observation, in which we pay attention to what people do and say, and notice the consequences of their behavior. Also, Richard MacCann shares that “the best method to begin [sic] discovering the truth about something is to observe that thing and the circumstances surrounding it”. The latter, however, certainly appears to be lacking in popular media’s portrayals of people with disabilities. The manners in which they are depicted are oftentimes distorted, and thus encourage society’s members to exhibit acts of pity, fear,…show more content…
By now, Blanche’s scheme had backfired, and she had become the victim of abuse and fear. Twenty-five years would pass before Blanche finally tells Baby Jane the truth about the car accident; but by now, both sisters had become needful of treatment for mental problems they experienced. Before learning the truth about the car accident, I disliked Jane for her negative treatment of Blanche; but in the end, however, I felt sorry for Jane because Blanche cruelly deceived her. Overall, the movie-exemplifies a metaphor of apathy with regards to both characters, noting that mistreatment and loss of sanity comes to anyone who does the same to others. Second, is the movie “See No Evil, Hear No Evil”. It tells about how two men with disabilities, one hearing-impaired (Gene Wilder as Dave), and the other is blind (Richard Pryor as Wally), get themselves mixed up with crooks after Dave witnesses an act of murder. In attempt to solve the crime, they decide to switch one another’s disability as Wally pretends to see and Dave pretends to hear. One scene in particular shows Walley reading a newspaper (upside down), and Dave is responding in conversation with his back turned to Walley. My first thought of this film from the preview shown was how funny it was going to be; but my thoughts
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