Negative Impact Of Technology

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Technology; the rise or fall of our existing generations? Research has shown that technology impacts our thinking and mental processes. Unfortunately, the impacts do not appear to be in our favor. There are four categories that the negative impacts from technology usage, on the human mind, divide into. The categories are memory loss, alterations in our learning styles, adverse impacts on focus, and a diminishing mental importance of the physical world around you.
The first of the problems is memory loss. It is becoming more prevalent in the younger generations due to the surrounding fast-paced world, and there are two impacts from this. The first impact has been coined with the term “digital dementia”, referring to the breakdown of cerebral abilities caused from overusing technology (Jessica Gwen). According to Gwen, people who overuse technology could develop short-term memory loss due to the lessening of intellectual performance. The second impact is known as “lateralization of brain function” which is the imbalance of the brain. This imbalance occurs when the right side of the brain is trying to develop thinking skills instead of using its purpose as being creative and emotional. This means the right side of the brain is damaged, causing difficulties with memory and concentration. Therefore, digital dementia and the imbalance of the brain is caused by an overuse of technology since the brain is no longer required to remember or memorize; only to locate, since the answers
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