Negative Relationships, Emotions, and Health of the Unemployed

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Literature review
A study conducting by Linn et al;(1985) three hundred males unemployed were comperaed with three hundred employed male had similar age and race found the major difference in the mental health between the groups. Unemployed respondents suffered significantly more with mental health related problems like depression, stress, insomnia, anxiety etc. On the other hand employed group males had more satisfaction in their lives because of the support of their family and friends. Many other studies suggested the same fact that after having financial security with decent job physical and mental health of individual get better as compare to those are not having job even after competing their study.
Research carried out in year
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The research explained that the health of the whole family deteriorated after the main bread earner in the family became jobless. Moderate to severe level of depression was found in the household when unemployment became an issue. joblessness also was found to have a severe consequence on marital relationships with some of the couples becoming alienated after one partner became unemployed (Fagin, 1981).

Gender differences in employment/unemployment
This research measured gender difference in relation to unemployment and psychological health in the current economic environment in Ireland. Through the process & structure of socialisation, sexual characteristics, gender identity and sexual characteristics roles of masculinity & femininity are created. Much of this process of socialization is associated to the labor force, and roles are realized by employment. However with joblessness or certainly the threat of being without a job the performing of these social roles is endangered and the task of satisfying gender roles in the world becomes extremely difficult.
‘’Clearly, gender socialization is very authoritative, and challenges to it can be distressing. Once a gender is ‘assigned’, the social order expects persons to act like ‘females’ and ‘males’. It is in the everyday life that’s these hope are satisfied and reproduced’’
(Giddens, 2006, p. 172).
Through the process of service gender roles are mainly fulfilled particularly for males, and without the makeup of
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