The Impact of Teenage Unemployment and Possible Solutions Essay

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Unemployment has always been something that Americans have worried about since the great depression in which one in every four people was unemployed. High unemployment has an impact on every one even those whom are still currently employed. For example if the unemployment rate is particular high then even those with jobs get worried. Unemployment is also separated in to distinct categories base on which group is the focus of the study. The categories can be by race, age or location, for example the unemployment rate of those between the age of sixty and sixty-five could be compared those between the ages of thirty and thirty-five. These categories allow economist to see which groups are the best and which groups are worst off. One group …show more content…

The unemployment rate also varies by race in addition to age group (Hall, 2013). Currently for Caucasians the percentage of those who have a job is at 39.25 percent, for African-American the percentage is currently at 19.25 percent, and as for Hispanics the percentage is currently at 26.7 percent (Hall, 2013). In addition to race the income of the parents plays a role in the percentage for those who currently have a job (Hall, 2013). Thus when these factors are combined factors together it becomes apparent whom is the best off and who happens the worst off (Hall, 2013). For example forty-six percent of Caucasians whose parents have an income between one hundred thousand and one hundred and forty-nine thousand held a job during this past summer (Hall, 2013). On the other edge of the spectrum only 9.1 percent of African-American teenagers whose parents received an income of below twenty thousand per year were employed during this past summer and only 15.2 percent of Hispanic teenagers in the same situation of low parental income were employed during this past summer (Hall, 2013). Unemployment rate also varies by state with different states having different employment levels (In Your State, 2013). For example the state with the highest teenage unemployment rate is currently the state of Georgia (In Your State, 2013). On the other hand the state with the lowest teenage unemployment level is currently the state of North Dakota (In Your

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