Negative Speech : C-Mental Illness

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C- Mental Illness globally is a growing disgrace. 1 in 5 adolescence have a diagnosable mental health disorder, and only 50% of teens would get help. This is awful, heartbreaking and unnecessary. 1 in 12 teens even consider suicide.
A- Mental Illness is effecting teenagers in a variety of different ways. There are so many different illness’ that teens have to deal with in today's world. Mental Illness affects teenagers in a variety of different ways that our world needs to know about. And it's becoming a very common concept in many life's. But you can help these teens through the tough times.
T- This is our world’s future generations. So we together need to help them through the difficult times and prevent mental illness from being so
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We need to help these young children and teach them that what's napping isn't right so that they can past on the knowledge to the next generations coming.
L-We can make a difference. We together can stop and help these children feeling so bad and doing horrible things such as running away or suicide their young and don't understand so give them the knowledge and help them out.

P-In our world there are many Mental Illness can be caused by many things that are just common to happen in life, but we can help them.
E- It could be caused from stress, death, divorce, dysfunctional families, changing jobs, changing schools, abuse or self image and could be a genetic, biological, psychological or environmental factors.
E-This is a problem our world has been facing for many years and is a growing disaster. You can help these children. By just talking to them. Making them feel good about themselves. Letting them talk to you about their troubles and telling them they have someone looking out for them.
L-This can prevent mental Illness from being such a horrible thing by just spreading the word and then like a ripple the love will spread.

T-This is our world’s future generations. So we must keep our teens strong through the tough times and prevent mental Illness from becoming a ordinary concept in today's world.
A-Adolescence need help. There are multiple different Mental Illness in our world affecting them and they need the knowledge about it. So we are going
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