Negativity of Doubt vS. Security of Certainty Essay

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Certainty Vs. Doubt Does certainty actually provide security, or does it set one for failure? Does doubt cause negativity or does it prepare one for the future? The idea whether certainty or doubt causes the fulfillment of dreams, goals and the future as questioned many. Certainty creates security and assurances, but is anything certain? Nothing in the world is ever certain; one’s world can be flipped upside down in the matters of days, hours, minutes and even a split of a second. Unlike certainty, doubt allows one to know there is a chance that the odds are against one. William Lyon Phelps supports certainty as a factor for success, while Bertrand Russell favors doubt because it creates comfort and prepares one for reality. Using …show more content…

Also, when college letters come and the student is declined from the college they were certain that they would be accepted, then devastation and regret will eat the student for the rest of his/her life. The student will not be emotional prepared to be rejected and will wish they fought harder. Certainty can create a sense of security, but it results in regret, disappointment, and blinds one of the other potentials that could occur. As many would say: “Anything can happen.” Opposite of certainty, doubt creates a motivational drive and prepares one for the forthcoming. Many might say that doubt creates negativity, (which is true) but the chance of not fulfilling a dream or goal makes one take his/her goals seriously and work harder on it because of the negativity. Doubt is explained in Apollo 13, where a group of 3 astronomers were sent to the moon. On their journey to the moon, their spaceship is damaged and they discover that they might not be able to return home. That chance that they might not make it home makes them makes them determined to work harder to fix the ship with materials that they have in space with them. Unlike certainty, doubt helped them accept the possibility that they might not make it home and prepared them for the future. The astronomers made their own protection and doubt played a factor in helping them come home and beat the odds. Similar to the crew of Apollo 13, Eliza Doolittle from Pygmalion proved to

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