Negligence And Malpractice Of Nurses

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Negligence and malpractice are increasing within nursing fields even though nurses and students who will become nurses are educated about their legal and professional responsibilities and limitations. Negligence is a failure of fulfilling the responsibilities that the nurse has which results in malpractice. A nurse can be sued for malpractice when she fails to take care of the patient; it results in patient’s injury, however we should keep in mind that not every case ends with the injury, but still it is a malpractice. Many nurses are not fully committed to perform the skills they should, and they enter the profession only because of benefits. Malpractice can be increasing because of a severe shortage of trained nurses, and it happened because of a few factors: nurses are required to work longer shifts; they can lead to fatigue and increase the risk for an error; also short Nursing courses providing degrees with no sufficient time to train nurse’s results in malpractice. Nurses who lack the experience and knowledge fail their duty, and when it happen not only them but also the hospital in which they work bear the consequences. Because most nurses are employees of hospitals, hospitals are frequently defendant in nursing malpractice cases. Here is an excellent example of nursing negligence and malpractice cases which effects not only the patient, but also the primary nurse, student nurse, the hospital and the school of nursing. The name of the case study is “hospital falls
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