Negligence in The Farmer´s Children Essay

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As a child your morale can be greatly affected due to occurrences that you may have experienced, whether it had been pleasurable or displeasing. It is very common for a child to entrust their guardians with the responsibility of providing for them, but it becomes incredibly difficult for a child to disregard experiences of immense adversity and affliction, as incidents are subliminally embedded into a person's subconsciousness. In “The Farmers Children,” the stepmother seems to abstain from doing things that would even remotely allow for us to consider her as being an ample guardian, as she allows for Emerson and Cato to venture into the barn in the inclemency of the open-air with scarce provisions. Bishop admirably attempts to convey …show more content…

But if they tried to warm their noses against the clumpy lapels of their mackinaws, the freezing moisture felt even worse, and they gave it up and merely pointed out their breath to each other as it whitened and then vanished” (Bishop 289). Emerson and Cato are facing discomfort at the hands of the brumal conditions, having been conspicuously described. Due to the fact that their provisions are scarce, we are left to assume that they may not be able to make it through the unrelenting bitterness of the cold. We were ascertained that Emerson and Cato gradually “grew numb and cold” and that they felt immense pain. The freezing moisture also had proven to get worse and with no attainable sources of head we are yet again left to assume that death is to be expected. “ The Farmers Children,” is built on the premise that two boys find themselves in the cold with scare provisions. Clues are presented to us as readers throughout the story as to whether or not the boys will survive amidst the affliction that they are currently facing. The use of foreshadowing enhances our attentiveness as to what is to come.
Bishop alludes to other works as a way of furtherly enhancing the reader's understanding of the text. As a reader we are often left to reevaluate and interrogate our initial confrontations of the original text. It allows for tension to be built up as our initial expectations are negated. We are often left to draw parallels in

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